Plein air painting #6

Painting realized in the "bois de Boulogne" in Paris

Plein air painting #5

Plein air Painting of the day, 1h30 of work, 
started at 17h, and no more sun !

Plein air painting #4

Plein air painting realized near of St Nazaire, in France

Plein air painting #3

"Plein air" of the day, started at 4 PM,
 the night fell quickly so I did not finish as I wanted ... 

Plein air Painting

Painting realized in the "bois de Boulogne" in Paris

Faces !

some faces for a futur character concept

sketch, test and stuff

a speed character

study worked for the values ​​and detail of the foreground 

and sketch 

Wip and sketch


 some pose of this after Kim Jung Gi

motivation : 1000%

New stuff photoshop :

Molly Mary the Red - Chara Concept #3

"Only, with the only weapon the flags of his country, Mary decided not to leave the battlefield. The teeth clenched, she supported the view towards the armed opponent who would emerge from one moment to the other of the sandstorm.But ultimately it was his back that appeared the first signs of life, or rather the signs. Mary was in shadow, the shadow of war hundreds of devices while driving. Indeed, hundreds of Ray Mant'air arose to fight beside the young woman in red hair ..."

Matte Painting - Blade runner inspiration

A matte painting about the movie Blade Runner.
here the photo I choose to start this work 

And the final Video 

1st Matte Painting let's go !

First initiations matte painting. 
The link of the photo having served at the base of my matte.

sketch serie 3