Steampunk Saloon - digital Painting

Personal work for my portfolio, made ​​within one week and a half. 
A week shall have been enough, but hey, there was Christmas in the meantime.

Some Close Up :

Screen Visor 1929 - Cog Clockus - Concept art

A small concept art made ​​for the purpose of a larger project,
 I allowed myself to put my painting digital bioshock made ​​recently. 

Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite

Elizabeth from bioshock 3 games available for 2012.
I hope you enjoy this work, about 10 to 15 hours of work.

Bioshock - Find Ryan

A digital painting of bioshock the game. I spent about 6 hours on this study.

Bakuryu Mole - Bloody Roar

My Third artwork from Bloody roar video game :

And the step by step :

Koryu Mecha Mole - Bloody Roar

My second artwork on Bloody Roar. This time I chose mechanical mole. 
This is the animalform of the character Koryu, formerly called Bakuryu.

And the step by step :

Alice rabbit - Bloody Roar

This is the first work of a new series of artwork. I decided to work on the characters in the fighting game Bloody RoarYou may remember these characters turned into different animals. This initial work is about Alice the nurse, whose conversion was a rabbit.

And the step by step :

Pixel Girl Underground


Daily Speed Painting

A work inspired by Pierre-Etienne Travers